• Are you that tree that stands out in the forest?
    Don’t you want to be the brand that stands out at-shelf?
  • Slow getting to market?
    Efficiency is the result of the right tools in the right hands.
  • Obstacles are inevitable, aren’t they?
    To an experienced guide, they’re opportunities.
  • Shouldn’t you trust getting to the top shelf to someone who’s been there often?

Welcome to Compass Design

Tired of busted budgets or taking forever to get to market? We feel your pain. Compass is a package design and branding agency, driven to create smarter solutions that have strong emotional relationships to your consumers. Our time-tested team and tools have helped hundreds of brands navigate around the obstacles to ensure at-shelf success. Why not get “there” faster and with confidence.

What we do

Package Design

Launching a new product or creating a stronger presence at-shelf? For 20+ years, Compass has been the personal brand guide for some of the top CPGs in the region and creating award winning packaging solutions that actually…sell.


Is your brand voice consistent and resonating? Brands get tired. Compass’s, tools like SEXTANT™, will assist you in navigating the way to the essence of your brand’s DNA and make sure there is an emotive link to your audience.

Awareness Solutions

Are you fully leveraging the right engagement solutions? Heck, the path-to-purchase has never been harder to plot a course for. We can provide you with a wide variety of high performing awareness solutions to engage the most fickle consumers.

Consumer Research

Have you avoided research because it’s expensive or painful? Deciding the what, when or how can be darn confusing. But, done right, it can make your decisions so much easier. We will mentor you through the process to ensure there is true ROI.


Free Brand Audit

Start your Brand Journey now and see how effortless it can be.

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